Who is this Jesus? He is the life of the Party (GodSpeak Readings Jan 11-16)

Who is this Jesus?
He is the Life of the Party

The first recorded miracle that Jesus performed was saving a wedding party from being a total bust!  Jesus changed water to wine and the party was better than ever.  Could he be telling us something?

Daily Prayer: Thank you Jesus for purifying us by your blood.  Give me joy today in the fact that You have saved me.  Amen.

Monday, January 11
Read John 2:1-11John’s Gospel is filled with symbolism intended to send us a deeper message than just the events in the story.  What message could Jesus send us about changing water from Jewish purification jars to wine, that keeps the wedding party going?

Tuesday, January 12
Read Isaiah 62:1-5Isaiah speaks about Jerusalem like a person and foretells a day when her descendants will be redeemed and unified with her like a bride to a groom.  What was it about Jerusalem that was so important to the people?  Why use the marriage analogy to describe it?

Wednesday, January 13
Read Mark 7:1-23The wedding feast had stone water jars because God had instructed that the people wash. What had God’s people lost that made the washing meaningful? How does Jesus bring about our cleansing?

Thursday, January 14
Read Hebrews 9:11-28. How does Jesus fulfill the old covenant? What is so significant about blood?  What makes Jesus’ blood so much more significant?

Friday, January 15
Read John 13:1-20Jesus tells his mother than his time had not yet come.  Here it says Jesus time had come.  What was it time for?  How is this story of Jesus washing his disciples’ feet a fitting image of what Jesus had come do to for us?  What should be our response?

Saturday, January 16
Read Revelation 19:1-10Who is the Lamb? Who is marrying the Lamb?  Notice the purity implied by the wedding clothing.  How does this image of God’s people restored mirror the images portrayed as Jesus changes water to wine?

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