Why Evil (GodSpeak Readings Nov 2-7)

Speaking the Truth in Love: Why Evil

If God is so good, then why is there evil in the world?  Why is there suffering?  Why do bad things happen to good people?  These are some of the hardest questions for Christians to answer.  Let’s answer them in truth and love.    

Daily Prayer: God, you are good all the time.  Give me a heart to love your goodness.  Amen.

Monday, November 2
Read Genesis 3Glance over chapters 1-2 and take in the beauty of God’s original creation.  What did Adam and Eve lack that they so desperately wanted?  What did they really receive from their disobedience?  What are the lies that evil tells to lure us to follow?

Tuesday, November 3
Read Genesis 4:1-16Cain had no serpent to tempt him to evil.  From now on, it is an inner struggle with the evil we now know so well.  What was at the core of Cain’s sin?  What did God know about Cain before, during and after the sin?  What was God’s attitude toward Cain after he sinned?

Wednesday, November 4
Read Lamentations 3Jeremiah had witnessed the foretold destruction of Jerusalem by Babylon.  According to Jeremiah, who was ultimately responsible for this devastation?  Who was ultimately responsible for their salvation?  If both are God, how do we reconcile that?

Thursday, November 5
Read James 1:1-18How does temptation work?  Does God tempt us?  How can we recognize the work of God verses the work of evil?  What are your temptations?  How could you replace them with a good gift from God?

Friday, November 6
Read Romans 9:1-29Paul bemoaned that the Jewish people had rejected Jesus.  Then Paul asked some challenging questions beginning in verse 14.  How do you respond to these questions?  God’s power and knowledge is awesome.  When do you struggle to let God be God?

Saturday, November 7
Read Revelation 21:1-8In his vision of Christ’s return and final judgment, John describes what is destroyed and what replaces it.  If death is the ultimate consequence for sin, and death is destroyed, what has been restored?  Explore your heart for your desire for the end of evil.

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