Why Pray?

Daily Devotional/Group Discussion Questions

Why do we pray? Is it simply to ask God for blessings? No, it’s much more than that! This week, discover the many important reasons to communicate with our Heavenly Father.

Daily Prayer: Pray through Psalm 3:1-7a each day.

Prayer Exercise 1: Write out your prayer plan for the week. Read Mark 1:35  if you need a refresher on how Jesus encouraged us to do this.

Commanded by the Father –Ps. 2:8, Matt. 5:44, Rom. 12:12, Eph. 6:18, & Phil 4:6 What are the different commands associated with prayer?

Demonstrated by the Son – Matt. 14:23, 26:36, Luke 6:12-13, & John 1:47-51, & Heb. 4:15-16. If Jesus knows our thoughts and requests before we do, why do we have to pray?

We are empowered to by the Holy Sprit – Acts 1 & 2. How has the Spirit empowered us?

To enliven our relationship with God – Read Eph. 3:20, 2 Chorn. 7:14, and Is. 40:29-31. Without communication, any relationship falls apart. What do these verses say about God and our relationship with Him?

Prayer Exercise 2: Another purpose of prayer is to participate in God’s work on earth. Through prayer, human obstacles are cleared out of the way so that God’s work can be done. List some obstructions hindering you from fully encountering your relationship with God. Then list out ways that God can and maybe has worked with you to show you how he is the only one who can overcome each obstacle. Pray through each list, asking God to help you with your obstacles, and praising Him for the ways He has.

Prayer Exercise 3: Begin by writing to God. This could be a praise, thanksgiving, request, or confession. Write what you feel right now! Then, read and pray through 1 John 4:7-19 and John 15:18-21. How has God spoken to you? Respond to God by writing down what you feel after reading the passage. See how God truly communicates with us!

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