The Woman and the Dragon (GodSpeak April 18-23)

Scenes from Revelation – The Woman and the Dragon (GodSpeak April 18-23)

Here we have the epic story of God’s chosen people against evil himself.  Spoiler alert: God wins.
Daily Prayer: Lord, keep us strong and faithful in the midst of the devil’s attacks.  Amen.

Monday, April 18
Read Revelation 12:1-6  How might the description of this woman help identify her?  This dragon is evil but bears the number of God’s work on earth (7).  Why?  What is his goal?

Tuesday, April 19
Read Isaiah 54Israel is often represented as a woman, or even a wife.  How does that help us to identify the woman of Revelation 12?

Wednesday, April 20
Read Luke 1:27-56.  The identity of the woman shifts as she gives birth.  Who is the woman now?  Who is her child?  What happens to the child?  How might that relate to Revelation 5?

Thursday, April 21
Read Revelation 12:7-18.  [Revelation math: 1260 days = 42 months = 3½ years = time (1 yr) + times (2 yrs) + ½ a time (½ yr)]  If 7 represents the fullness of God’s work on earth, and Jesus marks the center of that work, what might this Revelation math signify?

Friday, April 22
Read Job 1:1-12 & Zechariah 3:1-5.  It seems that until Jesus ascended into heaven, Satan had an audience with God there.  What did he do there?  Why did he have to leave?

Saturday, April 23
Read Mark 8:34-38.  The song of victory mentions the ones who were not afraid to lose their lives.  Who are they?  Who does the woman represent now that Jesus has ascended into heaven?  Who are her offspring?  What tactics might the dragon use to seduce individual Christians away?


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