Worship Service from Sunday, June 18

A New Way to Tune in to Worship

Hello! We are experimenting with live streaming our worship services via Facebook. Below is the link to view the recording of the June 18 livestream. We will practice setting up the camera in different places until we can find the best angle to view the front of the church, so you may see some variations over the next few weeks. We welcome your feedback, so feel free to email blc@bethelstpaul.com if you have suggestions for the live stream.

Going forward, we plan to share the worship bulletin on Facebook ahead of time. We will also begin sending our 2 or 3 Worship Media email during the week PRIOR to the upcoming livestream with a worship bulletin and link to Bethel’s Facebook page. You can tune into the livestream at 9:30 on Sundays, or watch it later on the Facebook page.

We also want to offer many thanks to Bethel member Jeff Bartels for his faithful service running the video recording ministry. Jeff has recorded our worship service for years, and during the pandemic he gave extra time to provide pre-recorded services for 2 or 3 Worship Media. Jeff is retiring from this ministry at the end of June, and we’re grateful for all the time and effort he has put into sharing our worship services with all our viewers.

Starting in July, we will convert entirely to livestream rather than sharing a live recording after the fact.

Click below to see the livestream from June 18.


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