“Y” Does It Matter? – GPS (or getting our bearings)

GodSpeak for the Week of October 6

This week we begin a new series looking at the “forks”/the “Ys” we come to (and, take) in the “road of faith.”  Does it really matter which forks we take?  Does it really matter what we believe? 

We begin this series by “getting our bearings” and setting our course by looking at…truth.

Day 1…Read John 8:31-32

  • Consider this – in Greek the word Jesus is using here for “truth” specifically is referring to the Truth of what God is accomplishing through Jesus Christ.
    • To that, Jesus says this truth will set a person “free” – that is, specifically from the grip, permanency and consequence of sin.
  • Answer this – is Jesus saying that this way is just one of many ways God plans to fix the world’s sin?
    • Notice how simply stated Jesus’ words are.  Why, then, do we often try to complicate what God wants to accomplish through Christ?  Why not just keep it simple?

Day 2…Read John 18:28

  • Consider this – John very simply notes what the Jewish leaders are truly concerned about in this verse.
  • Answer this – rather than being concerned with getting at the Truth, what are the Jewish leaders MORE concerned about?  What does this say about them?  What does this say about their pursuit of the Truth?

Day 3…Read John 18:29-32

  • Consider this – when Pilate asks the Jewish leaders by what charges they’re bringing Jesus to him, notice what they say (and, DON’T say).
  • Answer this – what do the Jewish leaders really/ultimately want Pilate to do for them?  What does this say about their handling of the Truth?

Day 4…Read John 18:33-34

  • Consider this – Pilate asks Jesus a direct question; it’s a very simple, straightforward question.
  • Answer this – why does Jesus answer the way He does?

Day 5…Read John 18:35-36

  • Answer this – why does Pilate respond to Jesus’ question in the way he does?  What is Pilate’s chief concern at this point of the night?  What does this say about his pursuit of the Truth?

Day 6…Read John 18:37-38

  • Consider this – Pilate (perhaps tired and fed up with the late night interruption) declares: “You are a king, then!”  To which, Jesus replies that he’s said it.
    • Jesus goes on to say that He’s been sent into the world to “testify to the truth”;
    • …which prompts Pilate to utter a most infamous response: “What is truth?”

And, that’s precisely the point…

  • Answer this – is “truth” a relative thing?  Is there such a thing as the Truth?  If so, what IS the Truth and why does it matter that we get the Truth right?

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