“Y” Does It Matter? – On Course

GodSpeak for the Week of October 20

We continue this week with our series looking at the “forks”/the “Ys” we come to (and, take) in the “road of faith.”  Does it really matter which forks we take?  Does it really matter what we believe? 

This week we focus on looking for the “signs” which keep us on the right course.

Day 1…Read 1 Timothy 1:12

  • Consider this – in his introduction Paul notes three things that Christ considered of him:
    • …”strength” – the notion here is that Christ MADE Paul strong;
    • …”trustworthy” – the idea here is that Paul’s ability to be trusted is PAIRED with his faith in Christ;
    • …”appointing” – specifically, the idea here is that Christ has appointed Paul for Jesus’ particular use in sharing the Gospel.
  • Answer this – from all of that, what are we to understand (more fully) that Christ has done for Paul?  Think about your own life…how has Christ done the same for you?

Day 2…Read 1 Timothy 1:13

  • Consider this – as opposed to the things Christ has done for Paul, the Apostle now lists three things he USED to be:
    • …”blasphemer” – specifically, Paul is saying here that he formerly RAILED against/spoke EVIL of and was ABUSIVE to the earliest Christians;
    • …”persecutor” – this is directly translated the same from Greek to English;
    • …”violent” – specifically, the idea here is that Paul was formerly puffed up with PRIDE, while heaping INSULTING language on the Christians he pursued.
  • Answer this – compared to what we read in v. 13, how much has Christ changed in Paul?  What has been the effect?  To use an old phrase: “Can zebras REALLY change their stripes,” then?  Can Christ really change a person and make them do a 180 degree turn?

Day 3…Read 1 Timothy 1:14

  • Consider this – what Paul is saying here is that Christ’s goodwill/favor/kindness was poured out on Paul to such an “overflowing” degree, that it produced something in Paul (that Christ Himself GAVE him).
  • Answer this – what did Christ produce in Paul out of His unmerited and overflowing grace?

Day 4…Read 1 Timothy 1:15

  • Consider this – if Paul would have had a highlighter, this is where he would have used it ?       In fact, this is why he begins this verse the way he does.
    • This is the MAIN IDEA to which Paul wants attention paid!
  • Answer this – the fact that Christ came into the world to save (i.e., make them part of His salvation) sinners means EVERYTHING!  What does this Truth mean to you and for your life?

Day 5…Read 1 Timothy 1:16

  • Answer this – what reason does Paul give that Christ showed him mercy?  Why would this reason be important for Paul…for other people?  For what particular reason has Christ shown you mercy?

Day 6…Read 1 Timothy 1:17

  • Consider this – in this verse there is one, simple word which is vital to Paul’s statement…”only”.
    • Its notion here is that God is ALONE among gods…there is the SOLE One…there is NO OTHER.
  • Answer this – in our day-and-age why is this single, simple word so important?  Why is it, therefore, important to be precise and specific with the language we use about our faith?

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