The Abundant Life – John 10

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10

Jesus tells us in this verse just why he came to this earth. He came so that we may have a full life. What is this full life that Jesus wants to give us?

Through his death and resurrection, Jesus granted us a new life that begins now and continues into eternity. Sometimes we are tempted to treat this life as a waiting room for the next. We come to church on Sunday and eagerly await our future with God. It is certainly right that we should be excited for an eternity with God, but our life is new now!

Jesus, through the miracle of his resurrection and the light of his teachings, gives us new life. Jesus’ teachings on how we are to live are very important in our new life, but it took more than teaching to set us straight. It took his death. His death made it possible for us to live the new life he shares with us in the Gospels. Jesus came that we might know God as we are known by Him.

This is our life abundant! We have full life because we have faith in the promises of God fulfilled in Christ! We do not live as the world lives. We do not chase after the things the world chases after: security, success and    comfort. Instead we look to the Lord who provides these to us. We serve a higher purpose and that is to share the work of God in our lives with others. We share  because our life was bought at a price and now belongs to God.

Jesus came to this earth to give us life that is full. He has given you this life. Let go of the things of this world and rest in God. Share His truth and love with those around you and thank God for a life abundant!


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