Tough Times

A friend of mine told me a story. He started by saying, “My life has not been easy. Both of my parents died when I was sixteen years old and I have had a lot of bad days since then. Other people try to help me feel better, but it does not always work. And sometime I feel completely alone, with no one to talk to me. I learn even in bad times, I know that God the Father is there for me.”

I am very sure this is normal to be down sometimes and I guess it is normal to feel like your life is a big mess and most especially when something bad happens to you.  Brothers and sisters in Christ, fellow Christians, in every situation God wants us to know we can count on Him even when it seem like the whole world is against us. Remember, no matter how down we might feel, no matter how bad life seems, God the Almighty is with us (Emmanuel). God knows all of our problems that we go through, even in tough times.

So have confidence that God is able to change your situation. He can do the same for anyone who seeks Him. Amen.

Remember 1 Peter 5:7
“Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for You.”

Vicar Fofana

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