What is in Your Pocket

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We are persuaded by the devil and the world to forget that all we have comes from God the Almighty. And that is our struggle day after day. When we are asked to give, when God asks us to trust Him by giving sacrificially from a cheerful heart for the work of His church, our minds focus on what we won’t be able to do with our money.

We sometimes forget that what is in our pocket is only one of the ways that God provides all that we need to support our bodies and lives.

But I can say for sure that God cares for us is more greater than what is in our pockets. His love and mercy will never run out.

Remember: Brothers and sisters “Wherever your treasure is, there your heart and thoughts will also be.”  Matthew 6:21

Our Lord Jesus Christ, let your divine sacrifice and love be our true treasure. Amen!


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