Bethel participated in the Youth Bible Bowl on Saturday, March 28th at Concordia University. There were a total of 34 teams this year from all over the state of Minnesota. We had three teams this year and they all did a great job in the competition. Bethel’s team of Donald Menard, James Thies, Krystal Woto, & Andrew Zimmerman placed 7th. Bethel’s team of Sam Hayhurst, Solomon Kromah, Taylor Krivanek & Derek Murray placed 4th and received trophies. Trophies for 2nd place were won by Bethel’s team of Alex Breiland, Gina Marchetti, Dominick Rogers & Taylor Thies. What an exciting day! In the individual competition two Bethel youth received trophies-Taylor Thies (4th place) and Sam Hayhurst (6th place). The church trophies are displayed in the lounge and there are photos on the bulletin board across from the lounge. We were reminded several times throughout the day that all who read and study God’s Word are winners! Thank you to Bethel for your support-financially (t-shirts) and for your prayers. We also appreciate all the people who came to watch the teams compete-so fun to have a fan club!

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