2014 LAMP Trip to Cat Lake

As we walk around the community of Cat Lake in Ontario, this is the bible verse we carry on our shoulders. This is our goal in coming so far up north. This is our mission. As we prepare all year long to make the trip, this verse is on our minds. As we pray throughout the year for the children and families of Cat Lake, this is what we pray for: That they would grasp how wide and long and high and deep the love of Christ is.

I am excited to share with you that this year our trip went very well. God provided for us opportunities to share His love at every turn. We had the benefit of a larger team with 10 people in place of 6 last year. With 4 returning members of the team, we knew a lot of what to expect. We were able to continue relationships that we had started last summer.

Over the next few weeks, stories will pour forth from our team about the amazing leading of the Holy Spirit and the amazing providence of God. God not only took care of our earthly needs of food and shelter, but He saw to it that we had more opportunities to bless others than we could handle! Every person who went on the trip got to make new friends with the children and parents of Cat Lake.

I remember one girl who followed me around all week asking me to carry her on my shoulders. As we were heading back to get water after games she asked me when I was leaving. Then she informed me that “You’re not leaving! I’m gonna tape you to the wall in my house!”. When she saw the rest of our team she said, “I’m taping them in there too!”. That made me smile.

Our trip to Cat Lake provides us with the opportunity to share God’s Love with our neighbors up north every year, but it doesn’t stop there! Let’s continue to be in prayer that God would watch over the families in Cat Lake and help them all to know His love for them!


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