“You First”

Everyone likes to be first. First in line. First to eat. First to the gate of a concert or maybe sporting event. First to play the video game. We are proud to be first.

Some people want so much to be first that they might even break God’s commandments to do it. An athlete might use illegal drugs to build his muscles or someone might tell lies to gain a prize. The list of wrong ways to be first goes on and on.

See even Jesus’ disciples argued about who was first, meaning the greatest among them. Jesus knew about their selfish conversation and He corrected them. He told them being a servant of others is the greatest position.

It is hard for us to think of serving others as a first thing. We need an example to help us understand and we can find that example only in Jesus Christ. He was that perfect example – suffering, dying and rising for all. He is the Savior.

Now imagine what kind of things might happen in a “you first” world. With Jesus’ love and power we might say to others “Brother, you go first. I will wait.”

Only with God’s power we can have a servant’s heart. When we do not have that kind of attitude, we can ask Jesus, our suffering servant, for forgiveness. He boldly gave up His own life for our eternal salvation.

Question: When did you realize it was okay not to be first and when it was hard for you to let others go first?

Think about this Brothers and Sisters in Christ!


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