It’s one of the oldest Lutheran jokes. How many Lutherans does it take to change a light bulb? The answer: Change? Yes, there is more change in our lives than what falls on the pavement while going through the drive-through. Whether we like it or not, change happens. Change, for its own sake, isn’t necessarily … Read more

African Worship Begins March 30th

The African ministry of Lusienie Fofana will extend into a worship service at 11:30 on Sunday mornings. Fofana is undergoing training to become a pastor and will deliver the sermon this Sunday. Come and experience a slice of West Africa as we praise our Lord together.

Sunday Adult Bible Classes

Beginning March 30th for 6 weeks, the Adult Bible Study will view a video series from the School of Urban Ministry based here in Minneapolis. Each session will have a half hour video presentation followed by discussion and Bible Study. The name of the series is Mission Shift: Reaching the World Next Door. Learn about … Read more

Spring Forward

That’s the way I remember which way to turn my clock with Daylight Saving Time. March 9 is coming and we’ll “spring forward” an hour, have breakfast in the dark, and enjoy a bit more sunlight later in the day. But perhaps this is a chance for us to think of areas where we can … Read more

Lent Already?

Lent Already? It’s true.  Lent begins February 6th this year.  If you think that’s early, you’re right!  Blame Easter.  Lent is observed during the 40 days before Easter and Easter is on March 23rd this year!  The next time Easter will come this early is in the year 2160!  Why is Easter so early?  Blame … Read more


New Year’s Resolutions I hesitate to even begin my letter to you this month with such a title.  New Year’s resolutions rarely inspire confidence in those who make them.  I know of many more New Year’s resolutions broken than those kept.  Ideally, we should be always resolving to be better, always striving toward godliness, always … Read more

Christmas Traditions

According to the church year, Christmas doesn’t technically begin until December 25th.  It’s Advent that begins after Thanksgiving. But since when did “corporate America” follow the church year!  “Christmas time” has begun with all its craziness and stress.  And in the midst of all of that we remember why we celebrate Christmas in the first … Read more