David Seabaugh

Maybe Playing Church is a Good Thing!

It’s a fairly common criticism that churches face.  “They’re just ‘playing church.’”  I suppose that means the church isn’t serious enough, has lost its purpose or is just going through the motions.  Perhaps that’s a worthwhile discussion, but I’m not talking about that here. I’m talking about play.  You know, the kind of play you … Read more

A Remnant Pathway

Bewildered.  That’s how I would describe so many faithful Christians recently.  They’ll express a deep confusion about how so many people could exist without faith of any kind.  They’ll wonder how so many Christians could embrace teachings and lifestyles that are clearly against God’s created order and even spoken against by Jesus.  They’ll speak with … Read more

Helping and Being Helped

One of the highlights of my vocation as a pastor is spending time with our members who are unable to get around.  Often the discussion will center on the health challenges these people face and coming to grips with their gradual (or sudden) loss of ability.  These people spent decades busy helping others. Now the … Read more