The Irony of the Incarnation

Holiday travel time is upon us.  Chances are at one point or another in the next month or so you will travel somewhere for an extended period of time.  I know how it is with traveling.  Packing is the worst part.  As my family has grown through the years, it has gotten rather ridiculous.  How … Read more

Merry Christmas! Be Still…

They don’t go together well, do they? If I’m being honest with myself, I can’t characterize our American Christmas with words like stillness, peace or tranquility. The fact is, it’s a frenetically busy time with overwhelming social obligations. It gets so crazy that many things we would like to accomplish in December get pushed back … Read more

Set the Stage

Maybe this happens to you too. You’re going merrily along your way, enjoying the autumn leaves and the cooler weather and WHAM! It’s Christmas time! Christmas decorations on the streets, Christmas music in the stores (secular, of course), Christmas obligations fill our calendars, Christmas gifts to buy for everyone, and enough Christmas busyness to send … Read more

Christmas Becoming Christmas

Christmas Beginnings “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go…” When does Christmas become Christmas for you? Does it begin after Halloween? Does it begin after Thanksgiving? Does Christmas arrive with the first Santa in the shopping mall or the first ring of the Salvation Army kettle ringers? Does it begin with … Read more