New Beginnings

New Life

The Seabaugh household will see many new beginnings this January. As we greet the next member of our family, many things will be new once again. I can see it now… “How do we change diapers again? I don’t remember being this tired! Look at how cute he is!” Our two big brothers will find more competition for attention in the house and will find their roles more important as they help their mother with the new baby. As for me, I’m looking forward to being a proud papa… again.

New Light
As we move beyond Christmas we see our focus move from Jesus’ birth to his life.  This season of Epiphany is characterized by light. Light exposes what was hiding in the darkness. As Jesus teaches, preaches and heals, He is shining the truth of His love into the world. Don’t be surprised if, in this new season, you have an epiphany or two about who Jesus is and what it means for you to believe and follow Him.

New Year
As we move beyond Christmas we find ourselves quickly into the year 2009. Every year about this time we anticipate what the new year will bring. Most of the time that anticipation is positive. This year I have yet to find one person who is looking forward to what this year will bring. There will likely be some hard times ahead. Do not fear. God is with you and has complete control over what is going on. It is vitally important that we bond together now to help one another within our church and others in need. Who knows? I have a feeling God may have blessings beyond our wildest dreams this new year. I’m looking forward to it!

New Hope
It is human nature to ignore God when our lives are OK. But when circumstances out of our control hit, we find ourselves helpless and reaching for something… or someone for help. That’s where people often reach for God. That means many in that situation will come to God’s people for help. That’s us! My prayer for the people of Bethel is that we won’t just be a place for a handout; that we won’t just provide shoulder to cry on; that we won’t just be a quick fix to a hopeless situation. My prayer is that when people come to you and me looking for help they will not only find hope for now, but hope for an eternity through Jesus Christ. Don’t get me wrong. We will help where God blesses us with resources. But we will never lose our focus.

The mission of Bethel Lutheran Church
is to make disciples for Jesus Christ
in our church, neighborhood and world.

“Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” – 1 Peter 3:15

Pastor Seabaugh

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