A Living Nativity Event

Come Experience the Savior’s Birth Bethel Lutheran Church, 670 W. Wheelock Parkway, Saint Paul, Minn., will host a living nativity (a re-enactment and experience of the Christmas story) on Saturday, December 10, beginning at 5:30 p.m. The event will blend scripture reading, actors portraying the biblical account, a Bethlehem marketplace experience, live farm animals, and … Read more

Urgent Request: New Roof

New Roof for Educational Wing How many leaks do you patch before you bite the bullet and replace the whole roof?  We’ve reached our max!  It’s time for a new roof on our educational wing.  We’re working out the estimates, but we think in the end it’ll cost about $48,000.  Help us keep a roof … Read more

A Remnant Pathway

Bewildered.  That’s how I would describe so many faithful Christians recently.  They’ll express a deep confusion about how so many people could exist without faith of any kind.  They’ll wonder how so many Christians could embrace teachings and lifestyles that are clearly against God’s created order and even spoken against by Jesus.  They’ll speak with … Read more