Urgent Request: New Roof

New Roof for Educational Wing

How many leaks do you patch before you bite the bullet and replace the whole roof?  We’ve reached our max!  It’s time for a new roof on our educational wing.  We’re working out the estimates, but we think in the end it’ll cost about $48,000.  Help us keep a roof over our heads with a donation below!

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Goal: $48,000[progress type=”radius” size=”small” percent=”43″]

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Attention Bethel members: The need for a new roof is now. We need your help today to put a roof over Bethel.

Question: What are ways that this money is being raised?
Answer: God has provided us with a generous pledge of a $10,000 matching fund, and $2,750 of that has been raised (totalling $5,500). We believe God can provide the remaining $8,645, and we also believe He can do it through His people here at Bethel.

Question: Does the church have funds to cover the remaining expense?
Answer: Yes, is the simple answer. The church has other funds available to address this emergency, but it will exhaust most of our reserves and jeopardise Bethel’s ability to serve the community in other areas.

Question: What can I do right now?
Answer: Please donate right now by clicking the link above and contribute as God leads. Whatever you contribute will be a blessing.

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