8 Exciting Ways to Spend Time in the Word Together

Researchers affirm that families who eat, pray, and play together are stronger. “But Anna, my kids think this is boring. My spouse thinks this is boring. Heck, I think this is boring.” Then make it exciting! Here are some ways that I think can help a family join together in the Word. What are ways that you and your family spend this special time with God together?

  1. Read through the Action Bible

    “The Action Bible” has great illustrations that all ages can appreciate. Find it on Amazon for $15.65.

  2. Act out a Bible event

    A fun activity to do together!

    Notice I called it Bible “event”. Use language that communicates to others the factuality of the Bible. Saying “Bible Story” can tend to sound like a novel.

  3. Learn about needs in other countries; learn about needs in your own city

    This one is important in becoming a selfless family. Learn about the needs, and pray about them as a family. See what opportunities there are to serve as a family. Most importantly: see how the Spirit moves you to DO something that helps another as a family.

  4. Watch a faith movie together

    Find a movie appropriate for your family’s ages. Talk about the movie together. What inspired you all? How does God show His love?

  5. Discover the many ways to pray together

    Ever heard of Praying in color? Go to prayingincolor.com for free, FUN resources

  6. Write a family letter to God

    This may seem awkward, but every family has something they want to come to God together about. Your letter could be a prayer asking for healing over a sick dog, or it could be a blog-style letter asking God to help your family with some sort of issue. Whatever your family-talk looks like, express it together with God.

  7. Memorize verses together

    Verses, chapters, heck, even whole books! Challenge each other! Memorization helps you and your family remember important truths from the mouth of God in important times of your life. An easy one is Psalm 23. Try drawing out every verse to help visualize the words about God’s rich love for us.

  8. Find a special spot

    If spending time like this is new for your family, find a special spot (like a lake or a park) to show your family that this time is special.

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