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Family Tools and Events at Bethel

Here are some tools to use with your family, and upcoming events at Bethel Lutheran! Sunday is an awesome day: kick start the week with the good word from Pastor, share a cup of coffee and a cookie with your fellow Bethel worshippers, and go to Bible study or Sunday school to experience Christ and … Read more

Righteous Anger: Does it Exist?

What makes you angry? Maybe it starts with something small: a piece of clothing left on the floor by a spouse or child; a dish left on the table for the 100th time.  It may have been that somebody accidentally ate your lunch from the fridge at work. Or perhaps it was ignited by something … Read more

Tough Love

When you hear the word “love”, what do you think of? Some may think of roses and chocolates, maybe kisses and hugs, xs and os. It’s interesting, in the same conversation, I can say “I love you, darling” to my husband and then say “Oh my goodness I love Pizza Lucé!” Love takes on many … Read more

Knowing Someone

I know Michael Phelps. Seriously! He went to the University of Michigan, which is close to where I grew up, so of course I have to know him. Don’t believe me? Let me tell you more about him! He’s one of the most successful athletes of all time, now with over 20 medals in the … Read more

Living at Sea

Growing up in Michigan, I spent a lot of time on the Great Lakes. We lived close to them, so we often camped. One of our past times was to go to a beach and look at all the different ships in harbor. What does a ship do in a harbor? It refills supplies sure, … Read more

Don’t Let Someone Be the Mole

Almost every story of every villain I can think of (which is a rather limited list, to be honest) begins with the same sad tune of anger ignited and fueled by one cold characteristic: isolation. Take the Mole, for instance: befriended by animals instead of humans because of his handicap, a hatred of humankind encouraged … Read more


For some reason, the service on Good Friday has always been a favorite of mine during the year. I think that it’s because the service leaves you feeling so disoriented. The pastor typically says near the end of the service the words of Christ on the cross, “It is finished,” then a loud noise is … Read more