Financial Literacy Classes at Bethel

Friday Nights, February 27 – April 3, 2009
Dinner 5:30pm, Class Begins 6:30pm

Topics include:
Budgeting to Create Savings
Debt Reduction
Asset Building
Building a Good Credit Rating
Consumer Protection & Financial Institutions
Employment Issues
Individual Development Accounts
Held in conjunction with the Eastside Financial Center, Lutheran Social Services and supported by a grant through Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service and Wheat Ridge Ministries.

Dinner and childcare are provided!

Financial literacy is having the knowledge and skills to make informed judgments and effective decisions about money management. Financial literacy is critical for survival in today’s society. It is important for everyone to be  financially literate, from low-income to middle and upper class individuals and families. Learning to build and keep assets is a  critical factor in helping people achieve financial security.

Financial literacy is a stepping stone up and out of financial distress. While having a job is a necessary component of financial security, a job alone is not enough. Many families get stuck on a path of debt, bad credit, and access only to second-tier financial resources, rather than an asset-building path that provides sustainable financial well-being.

Participants in these Financial Literacy Classes will build their financial vocabulary and skills and will also be encouraged to participate in the Eastside Financial Center’s “Payne-Phalen Saves 3:1” individual development account program. Here, qualifying working participants can have their savings matched on a three-to-one basis. Every dollar a participant individual saves-up to a maximum of $1,333-will be matched with three dollars from Thrivent Financial and the federal government to be used for a first home purchase, small business development or financing a post-secondary education, up to a combined total of $5,333. Growing long-term assets is critical to individuals and families establishing a solid financial foundation.

Bethel Lutheran Church offers these classes because we want to give you the tools to help yourself. We provide qualified instructors so that you can come and gain the knowledge you need to support you and your family. We pray that God will bless you through this knowledge.


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