Giving Plus Program

ATTENTION THRIVENT MEMBERS! In your giving for 2009, plan on using Thrivent’s GivingPlus program. To have your donation to Central Lutheran School supplemented by Thrivent Financial, make your check out to Central Lutheran School, complete the GivingPlus Member gift form (available in the church office), and give to Lynne in the office. Your donation and the supplemental Thrivent money will be sent to Central Lutheran School which will offset Bethel’s commitment to Central. A win win for all of us!

This program is available for other Lutheran organizations, like Lutheran Bible Translators (i.e. Tim & Michelle Miller) and LINC Twin Cities. Each Thrivent member can donate each year to two organizations up to $600 per organization and Thrivent will contribute $1 for each $2 donated. Questions? Talk to Lynne in the office (651-488-6681).

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