Each Sunday afternoon 14 youth meet to read & learn God’s Word to prepare for Bible Bowl. Bible Bowl is a quiz game competition for churches in Minnesota held on Saturday, March 28 at Concordia University. The kids will be in teams of three or four kids-this year Bethel will be bringing four teams!

Pray for Solomon Kromah, Taylor Thies, James Thies, Derek Murray, Sam Hayhurst, Taylor Krivanek, Krystal Woto, Andrew Zimmerman (friend of James Thies), Gina Marchetti (friend of Taylor Thies), Alex Breiland, Donald Menard, & Dominick Rogers (cousins of Derek Murray) as they prepare for the competition. The topic this year is the Gospel of John and we spend each Sunday studying and answering questions about the Gospel of John.

Can you answer these questions?

1. Who is the first disciple mentioned by name in the book of John?

2. When Jesus went up to Jerusalem, what did he find men selling in the temple courts? (BE SPECIFIC!)

3. How far was Bethany from Jerusalem?

Check your answers with our Bethel Bible Bowl teams!

Our Goal through Bible Bowl is for God’s word to be in our kid’s hearts and minds so that they will believe in Jesus and live a live of faith!

Pray for this!!!

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