Jehovah Jireh – Bright Side Tutoring

What is your favorite name of God? Scripture uses many names for God and they each highlight a different facet of who God is. One of my favorite names for God is Jehovah Jireh which translates to “The Lord will provide”.

It is true that God is our provider. I often think of this name of God when I am working in the mission field. God calls us to make disciples in our communities, but the truth is that it is God who changes hearts and calls people to himself. We cannot save anyone on our own. The Holy Spirit transforms people by the grace of God to faith in Christ. God calls us to make disciples and be ambassadors for him. We are responsible for the labor, but God is responsible for the results.

These last 6 weeks our church has been working on a major new outreach in our community. We call it Bright Side. Every Tuesday in the afternoon we have a tutoring, mentoring and discipleship time held at Washington Tech High School. This summer, before we launched, we canvassed the community with flyers. We met a lot of people at community events and even had a booth at National Night Out. We did a ton of ground work in letting people know that this new opportunity was coming.

For the first 4 weeks, we had one child coming. What a blessing! The Lord provided! Then we had 3 children. Now we have 8! What is important here is not just how many children are coming, but that God will provide the results! We are responsible for the labor, but God will provide the results!

Jehovah Jireh – The Lord will provide.


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