More Like Tabitha – Acts 9

There are many examples of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus in the Scriptures. If I asked you to name people in Scripture who have inspired you as a disciple of Jesus you might say John, Peter or even Paul, but how many would answer Tabitha?

Sometimes when discussing what it means to follow Jesus we focus on Paul and his missionary work, but I think many more of us are called to follow Tabitha’s example of simple love and caring for others. Tabitha was well known for always doing good. One of the ways she did this was to make robes and other clothing for the widows in Joppa. Her simple love for others changed the lives of many people.

Tabitha reminds me of a woman I met not too long ago at a nearby corrections facility. A Christian woman comes in to the facility week after week and teaches the women there to crochet “care bears” which are then given to children in need. Her service isn’t “flashy” or “glamorous” but the women she spends time with know that she loves them.

Who is God calling you to walk alongside and serve?

Dear Lord, We thank you for your servants like Tabitha. We know that there are many people who serve in capacities that don’t garner them worldly attention or praise, but you know.  Help us to be more like Tabitha. Amen.


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