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China on my Mind
In all my life I’ve never set foot outside of North America.  Yet, by the 17th of this month, not only will I set foot in another country, but our China Team will be foreigners in a foreign land for two full weeks.  Yes, we’ll see some sights, but that’s not why we’re going.  We’re going to help paint a school in the rural countryside and build relationships between Chinese youth and American youth.  Pray for us that God will bless our time in China. 

Africa on my Mind
No, I’m not going to Africa.  But I do have Africa on my mind. 
Since we started our African worship service in March, many blessings have come into our church.  We’re reaching out with the Gospel to our African Immigrant neighbors, we’re participating with the training for Deacon Fofana to become a pastor, and we’re resourcing the ministry with financial education classes and a church van.  God is doing great things here!  Find your place and allow God to work through you as well!  Praise the Lord!!

Neighborhood on my Mind
When I arrived at Bethel 3 years ago, I noticed that we had a great mission statement, “…making disciples for Jesus Christ in our church, neighborhood and world.”  Awesome!  What a great focus!  Since then I’ve watched God bless our efforts to make disciples in our church and I believe it’s time to be more intentional about making disciples in our neighborhoods.  God is opening doors to people that we would not regularly have access to!  Let’s make a transformational difference in our community and win some souls for Christ!

Romans on my Mind
I hope you’re enjoying our Romans sermon series as much as I am.  Never before had I the opportunity to dig into Romans as I am now.  I want you to know that I don’t spend this time in Romans simply for your sake.  I want you to be well equipped for those random opportunities where you can use yourself as the prime example of a redeemed sinner, someone who has the righteousness from God through Jesus Christ.  How else will we “make disciples for Jesus Christ?”  You are a missionary in your own neighborhood and God has given you everything you need to reach them for Jesus. 
…in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” Romans 8:37

Pastor Seabaugh


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