Our Cup Overflows

It’s one of my favorite parts of the 23rd Psalm. “You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.” As followers of Jesus, we can expect for him to give in abundance. Now, it may not be the kind of abundance our world looks for, money, power, influence, etc. but he gives an abundance of his love, grace, forgiveness and mercy, which shows up in different ways in different times. So let’s take this moment to just recount the blessings God has poured into Bethel, running over and splashing on the floor!

There are more examples than can be printed in this newsletter of the times when this congregation has been faced with difficult circumstances or difficult choices and we have stood tall in the overflowing grace of Jesus to come together and do the right thing. It means so much when we can all celebrate together and mourn together. It means so much when members step up to take responsibility in tough times. It means so much when our Leadership Team takes bold steps of faith while being reasonable and thoughtful. Our cup overflows!

Bethel has embraced technology and God has blessed that. For nearly 4 years, our sermons have been podcasted on our website and iTunes. Today, our sermons have been downloaded nearly 7,500 times in locations all over the world! In fact, neither of the top two nations who listen to our sermons are the USA! Over 50% of our sermons are heard in Russia and another 25% in China! Praise God! The Tableproject has given us a place to meet online and pray for one another. Let me encourage you to join the Tableproject. More features have come recently that allow us to serve one another in so many ways. Get in there and deepen your relationship with the people of our church. Our cup overflows!

We have integrated Bible reading into the life of this congregation and we have all grown in our faith and knowledge of God. I had no idea going into this that God would use these two years in such powerful ways. Our congregation has been transformed… and we’re not going back! We need to be in God’s word, together. So once GodSpeak is “over,” we’ll focus in on one book at a time and go a little slower. We’ll still have daily readings and our weekly groups. We’ll still focus on that part of the Bible on Sunday. We’ll still be blessed by living life in God’s word. Our cup overflows!

He Keeps Pouring
The blessings of God are new every day. So we can’t just look back or even look at right now to see His blessings. There are more to come. That’s why we’re constantly trying to look at the world around us for the next opportunity to serve God in His Kingdom. You never know where God’s going to pour that next blessing. That how we got to where we are today. God pours the blessings, the cup overflows and God’s people are engaged in His service. It begins with Jesus on a cross for our sins, Jesus leaving a tomb for our new life, Jesus sending His diciples to make disciples, and the water of Baptism overflowing on you, making you His child and sending you on a great adventure. Thanks for bringing your adventure to Bethel. Yes, our cup overflows!

Pastor Seabaugh

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