A Burning Promise


As you may know, our church body has decided to make an effort to communicate the Gospel of salvation by faith in Jesus to 100 million people by the year 2017. To date nearly 9½ million have been reached! Praise God!!! And to date Bethel has contributed 18 to this total. Now, I know many more of you have shared your faith and I want your experiences to be counted too! Just think of what God is doing in people’s hearts as they hear that Jesus died for their sins and that they can go to heaven by faith!

Ablaze! Covenant Congregation
God has blessed our congregation as we seek to make disciples for Jesus through Deacon Fofana and his work with African Immigrants. Since we were already planting a church, it seemed right to become an Ablaze Covenant Congregation.  This agreement simply states that Bethel will seek to plant up to four congregations by the year 2017. We’ve already started on number one! This opens up opportunities for additional support from the Synod and the District to assist in the planting of these new churches.

Fan into Flame
Ablaze Covenant Congregations receive financial support from our Synod by means of a fund raising campaign called “Fan Into Flame.” The Synod is seeking to raise $100 million to fund the mission. 15% of the money raised at each congregation will return to the congregation. Another 15% will go to Districts to fund mission projects there. 20% will be distributed to Ablaze Covenant Congregations in North America and 50% will be used in mission work around the world. Our “Fan into Flame” campaign will begin Oct. 4th and we will seek pledges from the congregation on Commitment Sunday, Nov. 23rd.

100,000,000 people…
How do you reach 100 million people with the Gospel? One person at a time. As we seek to plant churches it is our goal that, one person at a time, the Gospel will be communicated with people and God will move in their hearts and they will be saved. As far as I’m concerned, 100 million people is just the beginning. God calls for us to go to the entire world with His message of salvation. This is why we exist. This is our mission.

Now is our time.

Pastor Seabaugh

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