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Iron Sharpens Iron

When I was in college I took music composition lessons with a seasoned composition professor.  He was the most patient and loving man, and truly wanted all of his students to succeed.  One day I brought in a new choral piece.  It was a dynamite dazzling gift to the choral world.  I proudly brought it … Read more

Reclaiming the Heart of Membership

Over the last two years, God has led me on a journey of deepening my discipleship.  By his grace, the beautiful simplicity of Jesus’ teachings has been revealed and rooted in me.  As I listened to Jesus, a marvelous picture of the Christian church became clearer and clearer.  Unfortunately when I looked at the broader … Read more

Pray First

If you are anything like me, you like to have control of your environment.  Whether it’s for security or efficiency or necessity, we typically like to keep things in line and have some idea about what’s going to happen in the future.  We make strategic plans and organizational charts.  We have insurance policies and contingency … Read more

To Belong

“Where do I belong?”  For a long time, this question was answered for people before it was asked.  For so many, the hometown, the family business, the traditions of the culture made the question of belonging a non-issue.  But things changed as mobility, education and communication advanced.  The question of belonging became more of an … Read more

Neighborhood Missionary Season

“…be ready in season and out of season.” – 2 Timothy 4:2 In that quote, Paul is encouraging the young Timothy to always be prepared to communicate the good news of Jesus no matter what the situation. It doesn’t take much to admit that a long, hard, cold Minnesota winter puts a damper on our mission … Read more

From the Heart

The heart is a tricky thing.  In one sense, it’s that rhythmical muscle in our chest, pulsing with life.  In another sense, it’s the deepest of emotions, both positive and negative.  There is yet another sense that Jesus uses when he talks about “heart.”  Check it out: “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they … Read more

Reading Paul, Hearing Jesus

It’s no wonder why we love to read Paul’s letters. We love to dive into the depth and the logic of Paul. We love his systematic approach to Law and Gospel. We love Paul’s passion and his steadfast adherence to the confession of Jesus Christ. Paul makes sense to us! In so many ways, Paul … Read more

Bringing them to Baptism

There are few things that get me more excited than a baptism. Seriously, it’s thrilling. I find it especially exciting when I get to perform the baptism, but just witnessing someone’s new birth in the Triune name of God does it for me too. It’s such a deep reaction. It must be the Holy Spirit … Read more