Reclaiming the Heart of Membership

Over the last two years, God has led me on a journey of deepening my discipleship.  By his grace, the beautiful simplicity of Jesus’ teachings has been revealed and rooted in me.  As I listened to Jesus, a marvelous picture of the Christian church became clearer and clearer.  Unfortunately when I looked at the broader … Read more

Reading Paul, Hearing Jesus

It’s no wonder why we love to read Paul’s letters. We love to dive into the depth and the logic of Paul. We love his systematic approach to Law and Gospel. We love Paul’s passion and his steadfast adherence to the confession of Jesus Christ. Paul makes sense to us! In so many ways, Paul … Read more

Leaving Jesus Behind (in a good way!)

It seems to me we travel through life generally seeking our own self-interests.  When we consider what kind of impression we want to leave with people, we naturally want to leave a positive impression of ourselves.  Now, that’s not all bad.  Nobody wants to spend time with someone who leaves them with a bad impression … Read more