Power Shift

As we begin the first weeks of a power shift to a new administration under President Obama, let’s take a moment to talk about power.Whether we like or agree with our President’s position on the issues, our God has placed him in a position of power.We trust that God will use him and we pray that it will be for our good.Considering all the hoopla surrounding this historic president, it would be easy to forget who truly has the ultimate power here.That’s God.Looking at all the challenges that lie before us, let’s pray our new president can distinguish the power given to him and the power that isn’t.

Power Conscious
I know our world is going green, but these days in Minnesota we just want to keep out the white!  Yet more and more we find ourselves stuck somewhere between turning up the power of our furnaces and feeling the pocketbook pinch of the power companies.These days we’re watching what we spend and making concessions where we can.This is good for us.Our insatiable appetite for immediate comfort and convenience has led to unhealthy expectations.God gives and God takes away.Sometimes we’re comfortable and sometimes we’re not.Take comfort that God is at work in your uncomfortable times.Don’t worry.God will help with your heating bills… it’s called spring!

Power Revealed
With all this focus upon power, it only makes sense that we see God’s power revealed through His Son.As we explore the first and ninth chapters of Mark this month, we will see the power of God on display as Jesus teaches, heals, casts out demons, and reveals his heavenly glory on the Mount of Transfiguration.I know we tend to stand in awe of presidents and celebrities, but take this time to stand in awe of your God in the flesh.Stand in awe of how the creator became the creation and displayed his creative power for all to see.Stand in awe of how that power is no less powerful today than when Jesus walked on this earth.Stand in awe.His power has transformed you.

Power Shared
It’s one thing to see the power of God on display through His Son Jesus.It’s another thing to allow someone else to see it too.Power, by its nature, is active.Stagnant power does very little but just sit there.We are the agents whereby the power of God flows to other people.Why?We have God’s word.It’s in your heart and in your mouth.God put it there by faith.It’s in the pages of the Bible and in the fingers that crack open those pages for someone else.God’s power moves in mighty ways when His love for all people is shown through you and your words: “Jesus died for you.”“Jesus suffered in your place.”“Jesus loves you.”

16 I am not ashamed of the gospel,
because it is the power of God

for the salvation of everyone who believes…”
-Romans 1:16

Pastor Seabaugh

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