Tracing the Truth: Stand on Creation

At the trial of Jesus, Pontius Pilate famously exclaimed, “What is truth?”  Good question!  Pilate lived in a world filled with so many competing claims to truth it would make your head spin.  Sound familiar?  The competing truth claims of our culture cause even the strongest Christian to wonder how to sort through it all. … Read more

“Re-Creation” – Disciple (n./v.) – Matthew 8:1-17

Sunday, May 26, 2012 What’s really going on when Jesus heals people?  Is Jesus just showing off?  Is it a cool side show?  Or is Jesus telling us something about what he has come to do for his creation? Readings: Isaiah 53:1-5, Romans 8:19-39, Matthew 8:1-17 GodSpeak Readings for Disciple (n./v.): Matthew 8:1-17