Back to the Basics – Milk

Back to the Basics – Milk Daily Devotional/Group Discussion Questions   Milk is a symbol used throughout the Bible to describe a pure, simple, wholesome truth. It’s also used in connection with milk and honey to denote fertility and plenty. During this time in human history and in this location geographically (the middle east), water … Read more

Back to the Basics: Yeast

Back to the Basics – Yeast (& bread) Daily Devotional/Group Discussion Questions Most breads, cookies and crackers list “leaven” as an ingredient: It’s what makes the dough rise. But what it illustrates in biblical usage may surprise you. Could something so commonplace be such an important spiritual metaphor that God actually designed a week of … Read more

“The Gospel with Flesh on It” – John 20

Sunday, February 26, 2012 God became flesh to save us.  It’s the basic tenet of Christianity.  What about those God came to save?  What’s our role? Jesus tells us that as he was sent, so we are sent.  Listen to Bethel’s Director of Christian Outreach Jordan Ray talk about how we are to live incarnationally. … Read more

“Where’s the Kingdom?” – John 18

Sunday, February 12, 2012 In America we don’t know much about living in a kingdom.  We don’t!  So we have to think cross-culturally to fully realize what Jesus talks about when he speaks of the Kingdom of God.  Where is the kingdom?  Is it here?  Is it coming?  Both? Readings: Psalm 4, Romans 10:8-17, John … Read more

GODSpeak, not YOUSpeak

Self-Expression I don’t usually tend to use political examples, but the “Occupy ____” movement has left me fascinated.  For the longest time, analysts have tried to narrow down the message to a unified core, to no avail.  Talk to five protesters and you get five different messages.  Even the supposed leaders of the movement don’t … Read more